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The electric arc protection device can display the fault location

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       Arc protection improves the concept of traditional bus protection, improves the speed of fault handling, and can effectively solve the harm caused by short-circuit fault arc.

       The introduction alone cannot understand how arc protection can improve the speed of fault handling. Fault handling should start with the three steps of power failure, search and solution. Each step is very important. Arc protection device mainly provides convenience in finding problems.

       The arc sensor of the arc protection device, that is, the probe, is installed in the cabinet and connected by optical fibers, and each optical fiber is numbered. This number is generally the cabinet number of the switch cabinet, and the position of the arc sensor should be described as clearly as possible. After the number is written, it is pasted on the optical fiber with label paper or number tube. In this way, when the arc protection operates, we can quickly lock the specific switch cabinet according to the address reported by the action signal of the arc protection device, and can quickly find out the fault location.

       This function can reduce the processing time of power failure and quickly restore power supply.

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