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The analysis of power quality mainly focuses on four aspects

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To achieve true power quality analysis, correct analysis comes from four main aspects:

1. Continuous recording

The advantages of continuous recording are obvious for improving the practical convenience and solving the wrong trigger value setting. Many case studies show that correct analysis cannot be carried out without continuous records.

2. Record all parameters

Generally, most standard recorders and analyzers measure three line to line voltage and three current measurement waveforms, as well as some optional parameters.

The power quality monitoring device records all parameters, including voltage frequency to ground, harmonics, flicker, etc. Many site analysis processes illustrate the importance of recording all parameters in case of problems.

3. High sampling rate and recording rate

The importance of high sampling frequency is very obvious. It shows the difference between 64 sampling points and 1024 sampling points for the same event. The graph of 64 sampling points per week wave can be considered as an event of voltage sag, while the graph of 1024 sampling points per week wave clearly shows that the sag is actually caused by surge.

All analog channels of the online power quality monitoring device adopt 16AD synchronous sampling, and the weekly wave sampling point is 1024, that is, the adoption rate of 51.2K.

4. Multi point synchronous recording

The analysis of an event usually requires multi-point measurement. The correct analysis requires that: the online monitoring device accurately synchronizes the time, the synchronization accuracy reaches a sampling point, and all data can be recorded when the event occurs.

The online power quality monitoring device can record each event and accurately analyze it, so as to accurately find out the cause of the accident. Customized power quality monitoring scheme can be provided for users to adapt to various application scenarios.

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